Moving the Carriage House, Day 1

That's the carriage house in the back.
Carriage House
The problem is nothing is really holding the building up and it's starting to twist (to say nothing of the fact it is starting to rot where the wood is in the ground.) Two sides were sitting on the ground; ice from winters past had rotated the one piece of wall left under it 90 degrees, and in other places it was sitting on cement blocks stacked at odd angles. At first I thought it could just be jacked up and put on cement tubes, but I was advised that being on a hill, they would never withstand the Maine winters. Another alternative suggested was floating it on huge styrofoam pads. Others said that only a foundation below frost level would really hold long term.
Carriage House
I assumed one could just have it jacked up and a foundation dug under it. Turned out it was less expensive to have Ken Jordan pick up the building and move it out of the way. That made it easy to dig and pour a proper foundation. Once that was finished Ken Jordan moved the building back to its original location.
The photo essay showing the entire process can now be found in the Member's Area of the Cherryfield Historical Society website. If you've come to this page from the Ken Jordan Building Movers website and have been talking to Ken about doing a move for you, you might be interested in seeing what the process was like. There are about 100 pictures along with text describing the whole process. If you e-mail Ken, he can get you temporary access to the photo essay.
Here's a sample picture, at this point Ken is actually moving the building:
Carriage House
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