Directions to Cherryfield
Choice 1: via Route 1A and Ellsworth

Both routes are about the same distance, but depending on traffic, construction, etc. ...

Click for Maps showing overview and details of the routes from Bangor to Cherryfield.

  1. Take Interstate 95 to Exit 182A (old 45A, just southwest of Bangor).
  2. Interstate 395 (East) 5 miles to the end, Exit 6A.
  3. Route 1A (South-East, toward Acadia) 23 miles to the end.
  4. Route 1A runs into Route 1 at a traffic light in Ellsworth, continue straight ahead through the traffic light and you will be on Route 1 (East). (Another choice, which avoids the traffic in Ellsworth is to turn left at this light onto Main Street ... see below.)
    Option 1 (stay on Route 1):
    In about 1 mile, Route 1 forks to the left at a traffic light (McDonald's is on the right). Turn left at that light, staying on Route 1. Continue about 5 miles until you reach Route 182.
    Option 2 (by-pass via Main Street and Washington Junction, avoid Ellsworth traffic):
    Take a LEFT at the traffic light where Route 1A joins Route 1. Should should be on Main Street. Follow it about 3 or 4 miles until it joins Route 1. Somewhere along the way Main Street turns into Washington Junction Road, see map. At the end take a left onto Route 1, Route 182 will be about two miles on your left.
  5. Outside Ellsworth take a left onto Route 182; there's an Irving Gas Station on your left, it's just after the chain-saw sculptor who is also on the left. (In bad weather you can just stay on Route 1 and avoid 182, it's almost 10 miles longer, but Route 1 is a much less windy road.)
  6. Stay on Route 182 for 23 miles to the end.
  7. Turn left on Route 1.
  8. Cross the bridge and go straight up the hill, our house is the coral (pink) one on the left just before you crest the hill (it's only about 1/4 of a mile from Route 182.)

Choice 2: via Route 9

  1. The way we use to go, but Exit 182A and I-395 to Route 9 is better:
  2. Looking at the Maps, I realize it's quicker to take I-395 (exit 182A) and get off at Exit 4 and take Route 15 north (which is also probably also Route 9 at that point).
  3. Stay on Route 9 for about 40 miles, until you get to Route 193, then turn right onto Route 193. The turn is easy to miss, but watch the mile markers, Route 193 is at mile marker 234, in the township of Beddington.
  4. Stay on 193 for 20 miles until you come to the blinking light at Route 1 in Cherryfield. Turn left and go up the hill.